#EnjoyMore - The Hidden Story In My Selfie

Everyone thought that selfie only capture swagg , style , dressing style  and beauty too but sometime people take selfie for show off . But  in my opinion selfie capture that moment which you love the most . Camera quality never define that a selfie is how much expensive for you. I want to share some moments of my life when selfie change my negative thought into positive thought so here is that , After I  wake up in the early morning I called my mom and order him for gave me my school uniform then my mom reply ok after sometime she brought my uniform and tell me that get ready fast your school van is waiting for you after I get ready I ran towards my school van and after I say bye-bye to my mom the school van started and after I reach to school I found that a notice has been pasted in school notice board and when I read that I came to know that an state level painting exhibition going to be conduct after seeing this notice I plan to participate in this but when I ask my class teacher that I wanted to participate in this contest he reply me that you are not good in painting then why you wanted to participate in the contest after hearing this I reply that sir you never see my painting then how you judge me then my sir reply  I tell all this thing because you are not good in studies if a child not score good marks in exam then he can't do anyhing after saying this he tell me to go back to my class and he also not write my name in the participant list after this moment I got sad and also lost my confidence after the end of my school I go back to my home and start crying infront of my mom and when my mom asked that why I  crying I reply that mom my teacher don't support me for participating in the painting contest  after hearing this my mom reply if you promise me that you never give up after that only I call your teacher and tell him to entery your name in the particapant list  then I reply to my mom ok 'promise ' after that day I start doing hardwork for the painting contest and whenever I go to my school my classmate laugh on me and say loudly that you can't paint but I remain silent always because I know  " success only come to those who take a step forward to obstacle of life " and when the contest result day came I ask my mom that if I not win in the contest then please don't get sad by this my mom reply me that if you can't able to win in the contest then I will only tell you to do hardwork and participation is more important than winning after hearing this I smile and my mom also tell that " whenever you get hurt by world at that time you get a lesson to learn " and "Mistakes are the small part of success" and when the result declared I got surprise because my painting is selected as the winner painting for the exhibition  so before this situation I thought that selfie is only useful when the camera quality is good but I am wrong and after this I click some selfie with my mom I can't able to capture that feeling but I able to capture the happy moment with my mom and also my mom lovely smile .

I want to share a poem which I wrote for my mom :-

Mom whenever I get pain you are the only person who can feel my pain . And whenever you try to make me happy at that time I sometimes get angry on you . Mom and whenever I can't able to find something than you always help me to get that thing but I feel unlucky and sad when you said that I may not always be there with you, so you have to do your work by your own . Mom please don't tell this word to me again because anyone can't demotivate me but the sentence "I may not always be there with you " demotivate me a lot . Mom I am nothing without you . 

After the end of my contest I came back to my home and again start doing hard work for making my another painting . After I complete my another painting I plan to take a selfie with that because I wanted to capture that happines which I got after making of that painting . But this all only happen because only of my mom . 

Here is that happy and funny selfie with my mom and painting which I only able to click because of my hardwork . But while I try to take selfie with my painting I face many problems such as I can't able to take wide-angel shot for capture my painting  because my painting is very wide  but after many attempt I able to take a perfect selfie with my mom and painting . If you too want not to face this type of problem then you should try mobiistar phone because it capture a 120 degree wide-angel shot  . "The camera quality of selfie phone never define that how much you love someone or something but camera quality can show the story inside the selfie more clearly" . My selfie with my mom never help me to go back to my past but it help me a lot to remember my past . 



- Selfie not only help me to capture my emotion but also help me to capture that lovely and precious moment. 

- Selfie give us a chance to be independent . 

- What I think about selfie ?

- I think that the selfie which touch someone heart is more precious than a selfie with 1000 like in social media .

- How to take a perfect selfie with family ?

-  So before I tell you the answer I want to alert you that I am not a selfie expert but I can advice you that how to take a simple and a perfect selfie because I already take many selfies and yes choosing that one best selfie of mine out of hundred selfie I click is not an easy thing  . Use selfie stick and keep a silly smile on face while taking a selfie with family . A good background is not required for a selfie but good and a silly smile must require for a selfie . Try to avoid low light while selfie .

*Brand not matter but quality always matter .

*"Time is nothing but an opportunity to do something great ".

*"You can win or get anything just do hardwork , smartwork , struggle, keep patience and believe in yourself " . 

*"Chance of winning is less but not least".

*Selfie not only cover beauty but also cover many stories . 

#EnjoyMore , #Love ,#selfie capture the special moment .

* Mobiistar selfie phone  is not only famous for his brand  but also famous for capturing emotion and love .some of the benifits of Mobiistar phone's are it have front , dual selfie camera that captures a 120 degree wide-angle shot . 

-Why I like and love to take selfie ?

- The answer of this question is selfie give us a golden opportunity to capture those thing which you love the most .

I really thankful to mobiistar because mobiistar give me a chance to share my story on selfie .
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-This was a moment which made me to think that how a mother take care of his child I mean when mother see that his child is in pain then a mother do a lot of act just to bring a smile on his child face   . We all expect a lot from life but we never expect a lot from ourselves .If you guys also have some special stories on selfie then please share that in the comment .

"Aaz Nahi to Aur Kabhi Karenga Log   Gore Kabhi"

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  1. Congrats Bro, its great to know that you are a painter, once i used to practice it but its been long time i have left.
    In simple words you have presented some moments of your life which has touched the heart.

    1. Thanks big brother for the appreciation and your comment inspire me a lot to do something great.

  2. Thanks madam and I too loved you writing ..

  3. May Almighty bless you with success in every sphere!!! Loving demonstrated so well!!!

    1. Thanks but this love is not possible without my mom .😊

  4. Great to read, Beautiful artwork.
    God Bless.

  5. Good painting and selfie too.

    Mothers are the best!

    1. Thanks and yes mother are the only people who love us with a great heart .

  6. That's a really nice piece of art Aditya. And greater is your gesture. Your selfie is very lovable too. May god bless you with the best in life.

    1. Thanks madam for the appreciation and lovely comment .

  7. Wow, you are a fine painter Aditya. Many congratulations on winning the trophy.

  8. This is really nice, Aditya :) You are a gem in a world of show-offs and artificiality.
    Keep it up :)


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